Wineberry Box

Wineberry is re-thinking the packaging of fine wines by eliminating the glass, improving its value, and reducing its carbon footprint while keeping authentic taste and high profile appearance.

Our selection:


For too long, we have not made ecology a priority. Today it is a concern above all others. Due to its structure, weight, and shape, this Berry Box considerably reduces the carbon footprint of your glass of wine.



The Berry Box conserves your wine from its worst enemies: air and light. Using the latest and finest bag-in-box components, this Berry Box prevents oxidation and keeps your wine fresh “forever.”



Beware: This Berry Box is 100% attitude free! We have revolutionized its appearance, making it a better value, replacing four glass bottles with one box. With more cost-effective packaging, we are able to pass the savings on to you.



Fine wines don’t have to be overpriced, nor industrial. We believe in traditional wine growers, dedicated to their appellation and origin. Our wines, bottled or boxed, are the true expression of their terroir.