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Wineberry is a premium importer and wholesaler of fine wines with offices in the United States and France. Your direct connection to the world’s greatest estates, Wineberry imports wine from both renowned, as well as exceptional, unsung appellations. Our wines are featured on discerning lists at leading restaurants and shops around the country. For orders and inquiries please contact us directly:


Meet Our Team

Wineberry Team - Eric Dubourg

Eric Dubourg

Born and raised in Bordeaux, France. Eric was not born into the field of wine but became acquainted with it upon moving to the U.S. in 1998 to work for Marie Brizzard imports in various east coast markets. Eric founded Wineberry in 2002 and continues to seek the growth and development of sourcing incredible wines from inspiring producers.

Wineberry Team - Yann Bouey

Yann Bouey

Born in Bordeaux and son of a family working in the wine business for generations, Yann has always been passionate about wine, furthering his studies with a Masters degree in International Management. His past experiences brought him to diverse cities including Paris, Singapore, Shanghai and now New York. He joined the Wineberry team in March 2017.

Wineberry Team - Louisa Makouf

Louisa Makouf

Originally from Provence in France, Louisa joined the Wineberry team in December 2015 after working the harvest at Château Mont Thabor, in Châteauneuf du Pape. Specializing in freight forwarding, she decided to apply her operational skills in the wine field, having become more passionate about wine following her experience in Rhône vineyards. She manages the day-to-day operations, and long term development projects for the company.

Wineberry Team - Gérard Dubourg

Gérard Dubourg

Gérard grew up in France and currently resides in Bordeaux. With Gérard’s extensive background in freight logistics, he utilizes his experience and know-how to expertly manage supplier relations and freight logistics in France. With Wineberry’s structure and philosophy, Gérard is an integral part of ‘making it happen’ for the importation of our wines.

Wineberry Team - Axel Martin

Axel Martin

Raised in Bordeaux on the left bank. Fascinated by the world of wine and spirits since his first internship in the Industry. Graduated in Spirits Marketing in Cognac and Wine Marketing in Bordeaux. His passion brings him to join the Wineberry adventure in 2018.

Wineberry Team - Carlos Perez

Carlos Perez

Carlos joined the Wineberry team in the Summer of 2011. Born & raised in Puerto Rico, Carlos’s naturally sunny disposition (but careful, he is a Scorpio!) adds something special to Wineberry’s deliveries and warehouse management. Carlos enjoys his quality moments with family and friends, dancing, eating & drinking. Also an avid NY Sports Fan, Carlos will often be seen sporting gear for the Mets, Nicks, and Jets.

Wineberry Team - Billy Key

Billy Key

Born and raised in North Texas and attended University in Austin, TX, Santa Monica College in California, and studied wine in New York. Through his affinity for music and the arts he found himself working in restaurants and wine where he is always looking for the perfect story to tell. His favorite region is Burgundy.

Wineberry Team - Lola Song

Lola Song

A large baby she was, emerging into the world of possibilities, to discover what would turn out to be her joys in life. An original New York native, though she grew up in Jersey, don’t judge because she loved it, she graduated from Parsons School. She is an expert doodler who also discovered her love of cooking and baking, though claims she will never be domesticated.

Roxane Bouyssou Picture

Roxane Bouyssou

Roxane has always been guided by her thirst for traveling, learning about cultures other than her own, and also for her love and appreciation of wine. After earning her masters degree in International Business and amassing various experiences in Europe and the Middle East within the luxury goods industry, she decided to take on the challenge of making a place for herself in New York City to develop her passion for wine.
It is here, in New York, where she has now combined all her skills of past experiences to confidently take on the sales and event project manager position at Wineberry.

Join our team

Wineberry is a growing, innovative and equal opportunity employer. We continuously seek team members with initiative, integrity, talent, and ambition. If you are interested in pursuing a career with Wineberry please send a cover letter and CV to contact@wineberry.com