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Tokaj Hétszölö, situated in the heart of Tokaj-Hegyalja on the southern slope of Mount Tokaj, has long been the crown jewel of Hungary. The estate was founded in 1502 as a selection of the 7 finest parcels in the region; the estate’s Hétszölö (meaning 7 parcels) and Nagysszolo vineyards were classified as premier cru in 1772. Tokaj Hétszölö was the estate of the Hapsburg Empire, and years later, after the fall of communism, Hétszölö again was the first site to attract international attention.
In 2009, Tokaj Hétszölö was purchased by Michel Reybier, the owner of Château d’Estournel, returning Tokaj Hétszölö to its celebrated 500 year historical glory. Through organic farming and traditional vinification, the wines of Tokay Hétszölö are a benchmark for Hungarian wines and exemplify the esteemed history of the estate and the pedigree of the region