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Domaine Rotier



Gaillac Rouge


Duras, Braucol



Domaine Rotier is a family-owned estate with Francis Marres tending to the vines and Alain Rotier handling the cellar. A small team manages the 35 hectares of this Domaine with vines averaging about 20 years of age. Vine growing in the region of Gaillac dates back tp the 1st century B.C.,in 1975 this estate was purchased by Gérard and Michèle Rotier who continued wine production through a local co-op. In 1985 their son, Alain became more involved convincing his parents to leave the co-op, improve their vini/viticulture techniques and make the wines themselves under the label, Domaine Rotier.

43.873272 N, 1.984448 E


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