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Château Pavie



Château Pavie

1er Grand Cru Classé



The ancient Pavie vineyard – dating as far back as the 4th century – is located on the southern part of the Côte de Saint-Emilion. Thanks to its superb terroir, it is one of the top two Châteaux. Records show that some of the first vines in Saint-Emilion were planted at Pavie, however not until the 19th century did winegrowing at Pavie actually began to take form.

The estate was purchased in 1885 by Bordeaux négociant, Ferdinand Bouffard. He very quickly went on to make several more purchases, making up the estate and Château we know today. Château Pavie achieved premier Grand Cru Classé B ranking in the official classification of Saint-Emilion wines in 1954. Gérard Perse’s purchase of Pavie in 1998 did wonders for the estate, raising the quality of the wine and reputation of the estate.

The Pavie terroir offers a variety of favorable winegrowing features: meagre soil, excellent south-facing sun exposure, good natural drainage thanks to the slope, and a topography that is naturally frost-resistant as it is shielded from the north wind.