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Château des Bormettes



Château des Bormettes

“La Londe les Maures”


Cuvee Tradition

“Cuvée Tradition”

Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah
Côte de Provence Rose



The vineyard of Château des Bormettes lies at the heart of a nature reserve next to the Mediterranean Sea. It is situated around the Saint Martin Peak (elevation: 111 meters), known for its ancient oak tree, with a cellar located under a Carthusian monastery. The location for this Domaine is certainly privileged. La Londe les Maures where this winery hails from, is very close to the sea, but still set back far enough on the hillside creating a unique terroir. The land consists of very stony soil, mainly shale and quartz that lends itself to very easy drainage and superior retention of warmth. The Terroir de la Londe is recognized as the heart of the Cote de Provence, not only for the soil but also for its idyllic climate, dry and temperate, with maritime influences coming from the Mediterranean Sea, and The Mistral coming down from the Rhone.


43.126091°N, 6.250915°E