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Chateau Cheval Blanc



Cheval Blanc

“1er Grand Cru Classé”



There was a time when Cheval Blanc was merely “Le Barrail des Cailloux,” a modest smallholding where vines grew. But then came the 19th century and the estate’s romantic dream of greatness. From 1832, when the estate was conceived, up to 1871 when it finally reached its present-day configuration, the pages of the legendary history of Cheval Blanc were written.

The 20th century brought the ultimate consecration of the wine. In 1954, Cheval Blanc was awarded the rank of Premier Cru Classé A, the supreme distinction. With each passing decade, this ranking has been confirmed.

At Cheval Blanc, the conjunction of a very high-quality terroir and an original mix of grape varieties gives the wine its unique personality. Two varieties are planted on the vine plots, which are tended as lovingly as if there were a Japanese garden. Cheval Blanc is one of the very rare properties to stand on a single stretch in which the vine plots have remained unchanged since 1871, and the success of the wine is intimately linked to the upkeep of its genetic heritage.

A combination of a unique terroir and symbiotic grap varieties, Chateau Cheval Blanc produces a wine that has the rare ability to be good at any age. This subtle combination, this perfect compliment, gives Cheval Blanc its very special touch, made of power and elegance.