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Château Angélus




“Grand Cru Classé”



At the beginning of the 20th century, Maurice de Boüard acquired the enclosure adjacent to Mazerat. The estate then took on the name of this very ancient patch of vines in the center of which the vineyard workers could hear the Angelus (the church bells) ring simultaneously from the three churches of the surrounding countryside: the Mazerat chapel, the church of Saint-Martin de Mazerat and that of Saint-Emilion.

Since then, Château Angélus was then extended little by little by his two sons, Jacques and Christian, who continued to buy several adjacent plots until, in the 1960s, it formed the property that Hubert de Boüard de Laforest and his cousin Jean-Bernard Grenié run today.

In 1954, Château Angélus became a classified growth. It then enjoyed a fine reputation that helped it come through the 1970 Bordeaux wine crisis and enter into new decades of technology. Since that time, the constant search for more refined practices and techniques, always with the aim of bringing out the terroir of the château’s wines, has enabled the growth to figure among the top wines of Saint-Emilion and most especially to hace been awarded the status of First Classified Growth in 1996.

Château Angélus reflects one family’s commitment to the essence of a terroir. Both in the vines and in the cellars, a respect for the traditional wine-growing practices goes hand in hand with permanent technological advances, taking each crop and each vintage to their highest level of perfection.