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Wine On Tap

KeyKeg Set Up


Some Notes:


- Most parts needed to set up the KeyKeg can be purchased through Micromatic. Our sales contact is Doug Wetmore: dpw@micro-matic.com

- Couplers can only be purchased directly from Lightweight Containers at keykegorder.com.

- Nitrogen tanks can be purchased from online vendors such as kegworks.com or beveragefactory.com. There are also companies that specialize in compressed gases and work on a tank exchange program. If you’re currently working with draft beer, it’s likely they can also supply nitrogen for your wine. These companies will be location-specific to you.


**Please note that parts coming in contact with the wine should be wine-specific. i.e. 304 grade stainless steel, flavor-lock tubing, etc. Certain metals and plastics typically used for beer will alter the taste of the wine.


1 Font / Tap system (wine specific)

1 KeyKeg Coupler

1 Nitrogen Tank filled with the recommended blend of 75% Nitrogen and 25% CO2

1 Nitrogen Regulator

1 Gas Hose (vinyl)

2 Neoprene Washers

2 Coupling Hex Nuts

2 304 Stainless Tailpieces fits 3/16″ Vinyl or 1/4″ poly

3 Screw Clamps

1 Deflator Cap (red cap)


To install:


1. Ensure the poly-tubing connected to the tap is properly outfitted with Tailpiece, Clamp, Hex Nut, & Washer at the end of the tube. this will screw on to the top of the KeyKeg Coupler.

2. As with the poly tubing, outfit one end of the vinyl gas hose with Tailpiece, Clamp, Hex Nut & Washer. Add a screw clamp over the opposite end of the hose and then connect this to the valve of the Nitrogen Regulator. Screw clamp tight.

3. Attach Nitrogen regulator to Nitrogen tank. Set Aside

4. Remove small blue cap from top of KeyKeg. Take the KeyKeg Coupler that is now connected to the Nitrogen Gas tank and the Tap system, and connect to the KeyKeg by fitting the coupler over the valve of the keg, and pushing down on the lever and locking the coupler in place.

5. Add some pressure! Ensure that the red switch on the Nitrogen Regulator is in the OFF position. Turn the knob of the tank to start the release of gas. Regulate the flow by tightening or loosening the screw on the face of the regulator until desired pressure is reached. Best pouring speed is typically around 3.5 BAR. Do not exceed this pressure. Finally, turn the red valve to the ON position to begin the supply of gas to the KeyKeg.

6. Start pouring! Once you’ve started to pour, you may find that you’ll need to tinker a bit with the regulator in order to ensure proper pressure is being applied.


Once the Keg is empty:


1. Turn gas system off and disconnect the coupler from the keg.

2. Release pressure from the keg by using the red Deflator Cap. Lock the cap over the keg’s valve and, using some muscle or even your feet, force out the pressure that is contained within the keg. Once deflated remove cap to be used for future kegs.

3. Your deflated KeyKeg can now be put out with the rest of your plastic recyclables.